this is our story

    Veritas is led by Jalene Greer, a Certified Management Accountant with a master’s in business administration. As an experienced professional with a wide range of accounting, management, and operations experience, she has led Veritas for nearly 16 years. Jalene has worked with a multitude of clients of all sizes in industries ranging from manufacturing and construction to real estate development, professional services and retail sales. While with a Las Vegas architectural specialties company, she implemented a cost accounting program that provided key insights to company management to improve their production process and to position them for a successful acquisition and sale. She has performed deep analysis for potential investors, buyers and sellers throughout her career. Her skills range beyond the accounting side and she takes pride in translating financial inputs into information and actionable items for management.  

About Our Company

Veritas was founded on the principle that having accurate and timely financial data empowers business owners to make informed decisions regarding the direction of their companies. The staff at Veritas are passionate about creating dynamic partnerships with their clients where integrity is valued, creative visions are supported and results are optimized.
Manage: Information to make critical business decisions is essential in today's fast-paced business environment. Not only do we prepare and provide financial information but we interpret it into meaningful action plans. When management encounters issues outside of the financial arena, coaching is available.
Plan: Smart businesses look to the future and we provide the analysis, feasibility studies and guidance necessary to make the best plans possible.
Grow: Rapid growth requires rapid response to issues of capacity, cash flow and profitability. With the Veritas team supporting your company, growth is easier to manage and decisions can be made from an educated place, moving the company smoothly to the next level.